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Posts tagged with 'osf registries'

Generalized Systematic Review Template Joins OSF Registries
Researchers, no matter their discipline or study design, can use OSF to (pre)register their research. Registration refers to archiving one’s study design and outputs (e.g., data...
Tags: Preregistration, Open Science, OSF Registries, Registration
How OSF Registries are Advancing Childhood Neurocognitive Development Research
As any teacher – or even any parent with more than one child knows – social development in children occurs at different rates and manifests in an enormous variety of personality...
Tags: Science, OSF, OSF Registries, open science initiatives, Open Source
Preregistration: A Plan for Communities, Not a Prison for Researchers
Preregistration is the process of specifying key study and analysis details and decisions before conducting the experiment. The main goal of preregistering one’s research is to...
Tags: Transparency, Preregistration, Community, Culture Change, OSF Registries
Improving research rigor just got quicker
This week OSF added a new workflow to start a registration without needing an existing OSF project, making the registration process quick and easy to get started. The new...
Tags: Preregistration, OSF, OSF Registries, Registration
Branded Registries: Empowering communities to improve research rigor
Our aim at COS is to change research culture by empowering communities of practice with the tools they need to improve scientific rigor in their fields. Now with our latest...
Tags: Preregistration, Registrations, OSF Registries
New OSF Registries Enhancements Improve Efficiency and Quality of Registrations
We’re excited to announce new user improvements to OSF Registries, a scholarly repository designed to facilitate transparency and rigor in research. With OSF Registries, you can...
Tags: Technology, Registrations, OSF Registries