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Posts tagged with 'open science'

Take the Preregistration Pledge with Project Free Our Knowledge
COS is collaborating with Project Free Our Knowledge (FOK) to support ECRs and others advancing open behaviors in their fields, and is pleased to partner with FOK’s...
Tags: Preregistration, Open Science, Culture Change, Academia
Data from 25+ of MDRC’s Postsecondary RCTs Available via ICPSR
The mission of the Center for Open Science is to “increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research.” We want in. In 2001, MDRC launched the first ever large scale...
Tags: Data, Open Science, Education, RCT, open data, postsecondary, experiment
How to Collaborate with Industry Using Open Science
Authors: Samuel Robson, Brooklyn Corbett, Duncan McCarthy, Gianni Ribeiro, Rachel Searston, Jason Tangen, Matthew Thompson After several years working on fundamental cancer...
Tags: Collaboration, Open Science, Industry
Strategy for Culture Change
Behavior change is hard.  Whatever its faults, the status quo is familiar and the warts are known.  The status quo is also easy to maintain. Just do nothing, inertia takes care...
Tags: Reproducibility, Open Science, Culture Change, Behavior Change
The Rise of Open Science in Psychology, A Preliminary Report
Open science is on the rise. Across disciplines, there are increasing rates of sharing data, making available underlying materials and protocols, and preregistering studies and...
Tags: Psychology, OSF, Academic Rank, Open Science