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What is open science?

Open science, also called open research or open scholarship, is a movement in scholarly communication that promotes the free and open sharing of research outputs, including data, code, and publications. The goal of open science is to increase the accessibility, transparency, rigor, reproducibility, and impact of research.

The Center for Open Science (COS) is a culture change organization that aims to align scholarly values with scholarly practices. COS is committed to the principle that academic research is a public good, and therefore the papers, data, materials, registrations, and the infrastructure hosting research should be open to the maximum extent possible.

How do I get involved?

Whether you are a researcher, librarian, journal editor, funder, policymaker, journalist, university administrator, or general supporter of research, COS is here to support your involvement in open scholarship.

To scale adoption of open practices by researchers, COS provides open software infrastructure that makes it possible to engage in open science. COS also conducts user-centered product development and supports grassroots organizing to activate early adopters and make their behavior visible to shift community norms.

COS offers solutions to journals, funders, and institutions to nudge their incentives to make it desirable to practice open science. And finally, COS promotes a policy framework for stakeholders to require open practices.

We envision a future scholarly community in which the process, content, and outcomes of research are openly accessible by default.

Because of our generous funders and outstanding partners, we are able to produce open-source products, resources, and services. Check them out below and get involved.

Ways to Engage with COS

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The Open Science Framework (OSF) connects the tools researchers already use, so they can transparently and openly communicate their research and maximize resources and impact.

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