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Our Team is the Core of Who We Are.

Astronomers, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, education researchers, engineers, neuroscientists, and psychologists have come together to provide tools and services that benefit all sciences. We are always looking for good people to join the team. Check out our open positions here. 

Current Team Members

Abram Booth

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Ella Boycan

Project Coordinator | Policy

Ron Brooks

Director of Finance and Operations | Operations

Blaine Butler

Product Owner | Product

Mark Call

Product Owner | Product

Longze Chen

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Matt Clark

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Lisa Cuevas Shaw

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director

Macie Daley

Project Coordinator | Metascience

Mirka Dirzo

Project Coordinator | Metascience

Fitzhugh Elliott

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Tim Errington

Senior Director of Research | Metascience

Terry Foor

Director of Development | Fundraising

Matthew Frazier

Principal Engineer | Infrastructure

Brian Geiger

Senior Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Fielding Grasty

Senior Development Manager | Fundraising

Gretchen Gueguen

Product Owner | Product

Krystal Hahn

Project Coordinator | Metascience

Joshua Hernandez

QA Engineer | Infrastructure

Futa Ikeda

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Yuhuai Liu

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Sara Lynch

Accountant | Operations

Lesley Markham

Program Manager | Policy

Brinna Mawhinney

Project Coordinator | Metascience

David Mellor

Director of Policy | Policy

Olivia Miske

Assistant Research Scientist | Metascience

Brian Nosek

Co-founder, Executive Director

Nadja Oertelt

Partnerships Manager | Product

Eric Olson

Product Manager | Product

Summer Pearce

Development Specialist | Fundraising

Nici Pfeiffer

Chief Product Officer

Alexis Rice

Marketing and Communications Director | Marketing and Communications

Doreen Roma

Business Support Specialist | Operations

Amanda Staller

Marketing and Creative Manager | Marketing and Communications

Theresa Stankov

Data Manager | Metascience

Daniel Steger

Technical Community Manager | Product

John Tordoff

Software Engineer | Infrastructure

Andrew Tyner

Principal Research Scientist | Metascience

Briana Wade

Senior Human Resources Manager | Operations

Huajin Wang

Director of Programs | Policy

Whitney Wissinger

Senior Business Manager | Operations

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