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Posts tagged with 'community'

Preregistration: A Plan for Communities, Not a Prison for Researchers
Preregistration is the process of specifying key study and analysis details and decisions before conducting the experiment. The main goal of preregistering one’s research is to...
Tags: Transparency, Preregistration, Community, Culture Change, OSF Registries
How to Build an Open Science Network in Your Community
If you’re familiar with the open science movement, you may have also experienced the reality that the implementation of open practices hasn't been driven by a wide-scale adoption...
Tags: Community, Culture Change, Webinars, Grassroots Networks
Transparent Definitions and Community Signals: Growth in the Open Science Community
There is an active discussion in the open science community about what "preregistration" means in practice and what researchers should conclude about research that has been...
Tags: Preregistration, Research, Community