Community Building

Make open science behaviors normative by empowering community members to adopt open science and increase the visibility of community champions and their open science actions.

Communities are the context in which norms for open scholarship are established and evolve, and they are a central component of the Center for Open Science’s (COS) Theory of Change. COS collaborates with communities to create culture change toward research rigor and transparency. By providing infrastructure, training, incentives, and policy solutions, COS empowers community members to work as change agents in setting new norms.

Working with Communities to Foster Culture Change

COS Ambassadors

The COS Ambassador program is a global network of scholars and researchers who work to promote the adoption of transparent and reproducible research practices within their respective communities.

Open Scholarship Survey

Assess the attitudes, perceptions, actions, and incentives about open scholarship in a discipline, institution, or other defined community. Identify barriers to change and areas of opportunity to increase open science adoption.

Rigor and Transparency Initiatives

Rigor and transparency initiatives can be short-term projects designed to catalyze change or longer-term investments to build community capacity to sustain open practices. Examples include:

Global Flourishing Study

A large-scale investigation to study factors that make humans flourish. COS hosts resulting data in a branded registry and supports data access through preregistration and Registered Reports.

STEM Education Hub

A place that connects the STEM education research community with neighboring communities and allows STEM education researchers to learn about, discover, share, and engage in open scholarship practices.


In partnership with the Flu Lab, COS supports the dissemination and adoption of open science practices within the influenza research community through training and community engagement.


In partnership with Templeton World Charity Foundation, COS promotes the use of Registered Reports in consciousness research by funding researchers who use the Registered Reports model at participating journals.