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Embracing the Future:
Open Science in the U.S. Federal Context and Beyond

The Center for Open Science (COS), in collaboration with NASA, is hosting a no-cost, online culminating conference on March 21 and 22, 2024, to showcase the outcomes, coalition-building efforts, and ongoing work stemming from the 2023 Year of Open Science (YOS). This event aims to unite YOS participating organizations, U.S. federal agencies, funders, international policymakers, universities, and research institutions for knowledge exchange and the sharing of recommendations to advance open science policies and practices.


The culminating event will feature a combination of plenary sessions, panel discussions, and lightning talks to showcase a range of key initiatives.

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Presentations, panels, symposia, and discussions that delve into specific topics related to open science.

Lightning Talks

Brief, dynamic presentations that provide quick insights, updates, or showcase innovative projects aligned with the conference theme.

Organizational Stories

Organizations will share their experiences, successes, and challenges in their projects with particular attention to the four NASA Year of Open Science Goals.

Featured Sessions


Reflections on a Year of Open Science: Initiatives and Achievements Realized and Where to Next 

Speakers: Ana Persic (UNESCO), Maryam Zaringhalam (OSTP), Chelle Gentemann (NASA)

Moderators: Lisa Cuevas Shaw (COS) and Alison Parker (Wilson Center Science and Technology Innovation Program)


The Critical Roles of Grassroots Initiatives and Communities in Increasing the Adoption of Open Science Practices

Speakers: Jacob Green (OSPO++), Brianna Johns (Gathering for Open Science Hardware), Nick Halper (neuromatch), Daniela Saderi (PREreview)

Moderator: Emmy Tsang (Invest in Open Infrastructure)

NASA Speakers

Advances in Research Evaluation: Large-Scale Efforts in the US and Worldwide

Speakers: Eva Méndez (CoARA), Haley Hazlett (DORA), Caitlin Carter (HELIOS)

Moderator: Brian Nosek (COS)


Ongoing Activities to Advance Open Science at US Federal Agencies Following the Launch of a Year of Open Science

Speakers: Susan Gregurick (NIH), Martin Halbert (NSF), Brian Hitson (DOE)

Moderator: Chris Erdmann (SciLifeLab)

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Open Science Plumbing: Infrastructure Enabling and Catalyzing Policy Implementation

Speakers: Tim Vines (DataSeer), Jennifer Gibson (NIH GREI), Ishwar Chandramouliswaran (NIH), Amanda French (ROR)

Moderator: Nici Pfeiffer (COS)

The Future of Open Science Policy:
Invited Sessions

Community Engagement in Research & Data

Speakers: Emelia Williams (Open Environmental Data Project), Katie Hoeberling (Open Environmental Data Project), Jeff Sheehy (Healthcare Consultant), Grace Wickerson (Federation of American Scientists)

Moderator: Grace Wickerson (FAS)

Open Source Scientific Hardware

Speakers: Shannon Dosemagen (Open Environmental Data Project), Alison Parker (Wilson Center Science and Technology Innovation Program), Michael Weinberg (NYU Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy), Alicia Gibb Seidle (Open Source Hardware Association)

Moderator: Alison Parker (The Wilson Center)

Transparency Across the Research Lifespan

Speakers: Jessica Polka (Astera Institute), Brendan Nyhan (Dartmouth College), Sean Grant (HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice, University of Oregon), David Mellor (Center for Open Science), Jordan Dworkin (Federation of American Scientists)

Moderator: David Mellor (COS)

Security of Open Science Software & Data

Speakers: Johanna Cohoon (University of Utah), James Howison (University of Texas at Austin), Karthik Ram (UC Berkeley & rOpenSci), Alyssa Columbus (Johns Hopkins University), Sayeed Choudhury (Carnegie Mellon University)

Moderator: Jordan Dworkin (FAS)

Who Should Attend

  • Funders with institutional responsibility to advance open science policy and practices
  • Leaders and practitioners of open science at universities/research institutions
  • Representatives of national/international/intergovernmental organizations with a remit to promote open science practices
  • Members of the research community and the public focused on issues relating to open science

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Program Committee Members

Katie Corker

Center for Open Science

Lisa Cuevas Shaw

Center for Open Science

Jordan Dworkin

Federation of American Scientists

Chris Erdmann

SciLifeLab Data Centre

David Mellor

Center for Open Science

Alison Parker

Wilson Center

Emmy Tsang

Invest in Open Infrastructure

This work was supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under Grant Number 80NSSC23K1245 issued through the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) program F.2 Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences.