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Partners in Open Science

Commitment to transparency

COS provides products and services to support the efforts of parties seeking to change their communities’ research cultures toward greater openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. Our partners are organized by the product or service below. View our Mission and Partnership Framework to learn how collaboration is central to our mission, and how we select partners.

OSF Institutions

OSF Institutions is a platform built on OSF that fosters collaboration among institutional users while raising the visibility of their work through institutional affiliation. 

OSF Preprints

Preprint servers are powered by OSF Preprints, a service designed to accelerate scholarly communication by allowing users to upload papers, share supplemental data, and discover papers before, during, and after peer review.

Consulting Projects

COS partners with mission-aligned parties and special interest groups to address specific and nuanced barriers to scientific progress. The following groups and entities have contracted COS to solve open science related problems, influence the adoption of open practices, and advise on the policies and behaviors critical to the transparency and integrity of science.

At times, COS makes grants to individuals and organizations in support of open science initiatives. For COS grants of $50,000 or less, no overhead costs are permitted. For COS grants larger than $50,000, overhead costs may not exceed 15% of direct project costs.