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Posts tagged with 'osf'

5 ways to optimize your research workflow with OSF
One of the tenets of open science is open collaboration — the quickening of knowledge exchange and feedback to accelerate discoveries with transparency, and with improved rigor....
Tags: Technology, OSF, Content Management, Collaboration
Getting Started with OSF
So you've made an OSF account — awesome! Now you’re ready to get started, but what should you do first? Below are some quick steps you can take for getting your first OSF project...
Tags: Technology, OSF, Content Management, Collaboration
2019 Recap: OSF Growth and Open Knowledge Exchange
The Center for Open Science aims to make science more open, transparent, and reproducible to enhance and accelerate scientific progress and discovery. To do this, we partner with...
Tags: OSF
Answering Your Preregistration Questions
Preregistration helps guide researchers in distinguishing between confirmatory and exploratory results—both of which are important to scientific progress, but when conflated, may...
Tags: Preregistration, OSF
The Rise of Open Science in Psychology, A Preliminary Report
Open science is on the rise. Across disciplines, there are increasing rates of sharing data, making available underlying materials and protocols, and preregistering studies and...
Tags: Psychology, OSF, Academic Rank, Open Science
Using the wiki just got better.
Drag and drop local images. If you're adding images to your wiki, you can now drag and drop them into your wiki from your computer. JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP are currently supported....
Tags: Infrastructure, OSF, Platform
Some Cool New OSF Features
We have just added some cool new features to the OSF that we think are worth mentioning!  Google Scholar Indexing We worked with Google Scholar to identify and optimize the...
Tags: Technology, preprints, OSF, Google
OSF Fedora Integration, Aussie style!
The Center for Open Science, DuraSpace, Johns Hopkins University (through the Data Conservancy), and University of Notre Dame have partnered to address several challenges of data...
Tags: Integration, Software, Design, OSF, Fedora