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The Open Scholarship Survey

Why use the Open Scholarship Survey?

Assess the attitudes, norms, behaviors, and incentives about open scholarship of researchers in your community.
Identify areas of opportunity and challenge for planning initiatives to promote rigor, transparency, and reproducibility.

Monitor changing beliefs and practices about open scholarship.

About the OSS

Key features:

  • Widely applicable: Items designed for assessment across research disciplines, regions, professions, and career-stage
  • Standards-based: See how your community compares with peer communities
  • Modular: Examine the topics and activities most relevant to you or your community
  • Customizable: Add custom measures to maximize relevance and impact of assessment
  • Open: OSS is openly-licensed to maximize reuse and impact

Topics include:

  • Sharing data, materials, and code
  • Preregistration
  • Preprints and Open Access
  • Replication, Reproduction, and Robustness
  • Reporting null results
  • Perceived criteria for hiring, promotion, grants, and awards
  • And more…

Assessed activities include:

  • Attitudes: Do researchers support this open scholarship behavior?
  • Behaviors: Are researchers doing this behavior?
  • Perceived norms: Do researchers perceive that their community supports this behavior?
  • Incentives: Do researchers perceive rewards or punishments for doing this behavior?
  • Motivations and barriers to change: What are researchers' concerns and motivations for adopting the behavior?
COS can administer the OSS for you
Leverage our team’s expertise in survey design, administration, analysis, and reporting to assess the status of your community’s views and activities on open scholarship. The OSS is openly licensed and free to use.
Access the OSS

Baseline package includes:

  • Consultation for selecting the most appropriate modules for your community
  • Implementation and administration of the survey to your community
  • Participant support for questions and technical issues
  • Data management
  • Data analysis
  • Full report on your survey results
  • Complete dataset and codebook
  • Discount for sharing anonymized data

Optional add-ons:

  • Participant recruiting
  • Managing payments/rewards for participation
  • Design and implementation of custom measures
  • Implementation of survey on local technical solutions
  • Integration of survey with other assessments
  • Custom analysis and reporting
  • Multiple administrations to evaluate change over time

See some examples!


Preprints and open access

10 minutes


Emphasis on institutional incentives

10 minutes


Overview of sharing data, code, and materials

15 minutes

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