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Posts tagged with 'culture change'

Continuing the Acceleration: COS’s New Strategic Plan
This strategic plan is the culmination of a year-long review process that engaged many internal and external stakeholders to shape Center for Open Science’s (COS) priorities for...
Tags: Strategy, OSF, Community, Open Science, Culture Change, Policy
OSF reached a pinnacle of 400,000 registered users
The Open Science Framework (OSF), an open-source research collaboration and management platform by the Center for Open Science (COS), just achieved 400,000 worldwide registered...
Tags: Openness, OSF, Open Science, Culture Change
Open Science in Aging Research: an Interview with Dr. Derek Isaacowitz
Does open science apply to my field? It’s a contentious question that will garner a range of responses. If you are a researcher studying aging, however, there is one scientist who...
Tags: Open Science, Culture Change, aging research, oskb
Preregistration: A Plan for Communities, Not a Prison for Researchers
Preregistration is the process of specifying key study and analysis details and decisions before conducting the experiment. The main goal of preregistering one’s research is to...
Tags: Transparency, Preregistration, Community, Culture Change, OSF Registries
Take the Preregistration Pledge with Project Free Our Knowledge
COS is collaborating with Project Free Our Knowledge (FOK) to support ECRs and others advancing open behaviors in their fields, and is pleased to partner with FOK’s...
Tags: Preregistration, Open Science, Culture Change, Academia
How to Build an Open Science Network in Your Community
If you’re familiar with the open science movement, you may have also experienced the reality that the implementation of open practices hasn't been driven by a wide-scale adoption...
Tags: Community, Culture Change, Webinars, Grassroots Networks
Strategy for Culture Change
Behavior change is hard.  Whatever its faults, the status quo is familiar and the warts are known.  The status quo is also easy to maintain. Just do nothing, inertia takes care...
Tags: Reproducibility, Open Science, Culture Change, Behavior Change