We are grateful for supporters whose collective gifts make our work possible.

Our Supporters

Funding from individuals, philanthropic foundations, and federal agencies allows us to fulfill our mission to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. Additional details on funded projects and programs can be found at osf.io/8km72.

2023 Benefactors of the Center for Open Science

We are grateful to our 2023 Benefactors of the Center for Open Science who are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of COS and its contributions to improving the research culture.

Hilary and Steven Bergsieker

Dorothy Bishop

Elaine Chen

William Coughran

Pam Davis-Kean

Liz Dunn

Ghent University

Gordon-Hering Family Fund

Jon Hill

Ron and Yael Kohavi

Alan Kraut

Bob Levenson and Lani Shiota

John and Patricia Lloyd

Richard Lucas

Howard Mann Charitable Gift Fund

Declan Mawer

Robertson-Finley Foundation

Marcia McNutt

Alison Mudditt

Stan Nosek

Veronica Nosek

Brian Nosek and Bethany Teachman

Alex and Phuong Phillips

Russ Poldrack

Paul R. Preston

Roddy Roediger and Kathleen McDermott

Proteus Foundation

Kate Seaton

Patrick Shrout

Bobbie Spellman

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP)

Individual Donors

This list contains donors who made contributions to COS between January 1 - December 31, 2023. COS is deeply grateful for the philanthropic gifts that support our mission to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. 

Terry Edward Acree
Chris Agnew and Ximena Arriaga
Ala Alsaleh
Satoshi Aoki
Hal Arkes
Shimelis Assefa
Nicholas Badcock
George Banks
David Barr
Timothy Bates
Steven Bellman
Mario Bermonti Pérez
Academic Medical Unit -CMI Dr. Bistriceanu, S.
Richard Blaber
Aggie Branczyk
James Bushong
Christopher Chabris and Michelle Meyer
Matt Clark
Mark Cohen
Giulio Costantini
Chris Crandall
John Culbertson
Debabrata Das
Jessica de Bloom
Jitesh Dundas
Brian Engelsma and the Engelsma Family Foundation
Sloan Fader
Lindsay Ferrara
Paul Ferraro
Susann Fiedler
John "Terry" Foor
Elijah Gonzalez
Massimo Grassi
Yang Guo
Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association
Helene Hill

Sara Hodges
Simon Hoeg
Futa Ikeda
Romain Jacob
Bastian Jaeger
George Karolyi
Muhammad Imtiaz Khan
Teresa Knott
Robert Kubinec
Harry Kunze
Karla Lehmann
Matheus Lobo
Phillip Long
Winnifred Louis
Jiri Lukavsky
Donald Lynam
Sergej Macura
Paul Marchant
Lesley Markham
Fabio Marroni
Tim Marsh
Winter Mason
Russell McDuff
Ciarán McInerney
Marc Mehu
Katy Milkman
Robert Miller
Oliver Muller
Department of Physics, University of Southern Maine
David Nicholson
Gustav Nilsson
José Miguel Oliveira
Summer Pearce
Michael Pearson
Francisco Pereira
Jason Pither
Polina Proutskova
Great War Cumbria and Lithoscapes Research

Martin Ptáček
Rotem Raviv
Jan Reimers
Alexis Rice
Riccardo Rigon
Shaina Rowell
Roy Rutishauser
Virginia Rutter
Robert Ryan
Jane Sell
Robert Semel
Lisa Shaw
Hiago Silva
Daniel Simons
Amanda Staller
Ralf Stephan
Pierluigi Strippoli
Richard Suss
William Thompson
Mitchell Tillman
Patrizio Tressoldi
HoplitAI BV
Gregg Van Ryzin
Erik Van Winkle
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Martin Vuillème
Huajin Wang
Jochen Weber
Gregory Webster
Elaine Westbrooks
John Wojahn
Crystal Young
Kathy Zeiler
The Pennsylvania State University
Roger Dunn
Sarah and Don Moore


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