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A Win for Open Science: White House OSTP’s Updated Guidance Advances Open Access and Data Sharing Across Federal Agencies
The Center for Open Science (COS) supports the new policy update from the White House Office of Science Technology & Policy (OSTP) ensuring free, immediate, and equitable access...
Tags: Data, Community, Open Science, Culture Change, Open Access, Accessibility
Watch the Catalyzing Open Science Globally: Use Cases and Translated Resources Webinar
Communities of researchers from diverse groups and cultures around the globe use the Open Science Framework (OSF) to support their research workflows. Having support materials and...
Tags: OSF, Community, Open Science, Webinars
Watch the Demystifying the Data Anonymization Process: Myths and Best Practices Webinar
Many well-meaning and ambitious researchers get tangled in the process of data anonymization. A thoughtful approach to anonymization is critical to achieving regulatory...
Tags: Research, Data, Community, Open Science, Webinars
Watch the Registered Reports and Funding in Consciousness and Religion Research Webinar
Registered Reports is a publishing format that emphasizes the importance of the research question and the quality of methodology by conducting peer review prior to data...
Tags: Research, Community, Open Science, Webinars, Registered Reports, Consciousness
Creating Community Connections: Advancing Open Science Education Research
As part of our theory of change strategy, the Center for Open Science (COS) offers researchers tools and services to make research better, more efficient, and more reproducible....
Tags: Research, Community, Open Science, Open Scholarship Knowledge Base, Education
Watch the Funding Consciousness Research with Registered Reports Webinar
With funding from the Templeton World Charity foundation, the Center for Open Science (COS) has launched a new initiative in partnership with the Association for the Scientific...
Tags: Research, Community, Open Science, Webinars, Registered Reports, Consciousness
Encouraging Open Science Practices in Influenza Research
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), global influenza epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness and upwards of 650,000...
Tags: Replication, Research, Community, Open Science
Open Science Badges Are Going Viral
We are flattered and humbled. But mostly, we’re just grateful. To encourage authors to provide open access to their data, our friends at the Public Library of Science (PLOS) has...
Tags: Research, OSF, Community, Open Science, Badges
Open Science at the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting
Open science practices are growing among education researchers. These behaviors seek to better align research behaviors with the research values of openness, transparency, rigor,...
Tags: Research, Community, Open Science, Open Scholarship Knowledge Base, Education
COS Partnership Provides Early Peer Review to Improve Study of the Effectiveness of a Mobile App for Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Elise Cardinale, a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Maryland, leads a team that is aiming to integrate neuroscience and mobile technology...
Tags: Preregistration, Research, OSF, Community, Open Science