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Posts tagged with 'registrations'

Badges for Open Research Practices Now Available on OSF Registrations
Changing the research culture to more open, transparent, and reproducible practices is a collective action movement across the entire research system. In a coordinated systematic...
Tags: OSF, Open Science, Registrations, Badges, Compliance, Open Code, Open Materials
Surpassing 100,000 Registrations on OSF: Strides in Adoption of Open and Reproducible Research
The growth in the global open science research community shows no signs of slowing down. Examples of openness and improved rigor are everywhere. One example of that growth is the...
Tags: Preregistration, OSF, Open Science, Registrations
Improving the quality and specificity of preregistration
Dr. Marjan Bakker, Tilburg University — Preregistration, which is specifying a research plan in advance of the study, is seen as one of the most important ways to improve the...
Tags: Preregistration, Registrations
Branded Registries: Empowering communities to improve research rigor
Our aim at COS is to change research culture by empowering communities of practice with the tools they need to improve scientific rigor in their fields. Now with our latest...
Tags: Preregistration, Registrations, OSF Registries
Registered Reports and PhD’s – What? Why? How? An Interview with Chris Chambers
This interview was originally published in December 2018 of PsyPag Quarterly, Issue 109, and was reposted with permission from PsyPAG, which is supported by the British...
Tags: publishing, Preregistration, Registrations, RR
New OSF Registries Enhancements Improve Efficiency and Quality of Registrations
We’re excited to announce new user improvements to OSF Registries, a scholarly repository designed to facilitate transparency and rigor in research. With OSF Registries, you can...
Tags: Technology, Registrations, OSF Registries