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Posts tagged with 'data'

Global Flourishing Study Promotes Open Access Data
What does it mean to live well? What makes people happy? These are just a few of the questions the Global Flourishing Study plans to examine across 22 geographically and...
Tags: Preregistration, Research, Data, Community, Open Science
A Win for Open Science: White House OSTP’s Updated Guidance Advances Open Access and Data Sharing Across Federal Agencies
The Center for Open Science (COS) supports the new policy update from the White House Office of Science Technology & Policy (OSTP) ensuring free, immediate, and equitable access...
Tags: Data, Community, Open Science, Culture Change, Open Access, Accessibility
Watch the Demystifying the Data Anonymization Process: Myths and Best Practices Webinar
Many well-meaning and ambitious researchers get tangled in the process of data anonymization. A thoughtful approach to anonymization is critical to achieving regulatory...
Tags: Research, Data, Community, Open Science, Webinars
Data from 25+ of MDRC’s Postsecondary RCTs Available via ICPSR
The mission of the Center for Open Science is to “increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research.” We want in. In 2001, MDRC launched the first ever large scale...
Tags: Data, Open Science, Education, RCT, open data, postsecondary, experiment
OSF Add-ons Help You Maximize Research Data Storage and Accessibility
This week’s release of the Bitbucket add-on to the Open Science Framework ( provides OSF users with a way to cite, browse, and register their code on Atlassian’s Bitbucket...
Tags: Repository, Data, Storage