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Posts tagged with 'scholarly publishing'

The MDAR Framework – a new tool for life sciences reporting
(Materials, Design, Analysis, Reporting) Incomplete or imprecise reporting of life sciences research contributes to challenges with reproducibility, replicability, and biomedical...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing
Conflict between Open Access and Open Science: APCs are a key part of the problem, preprints are a key part of the solution
Subscription-based publishing business models inhibit open scholarly communication by making consumers of scientific outputs pay to access findings. Open access business models...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing
Approach and vision for the OSF Preprint infrastructure
COS built and maintains the OSF preprints infrastructure in support of the mission to improve the openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. We believe that open...
Tags: Technology, Scholarly Publishing
Journals test the Materials Design Analysis Reporting (MDAR) checklist
This update is being shared on the work of the Minimum Standards Working Group through coordinated posts on member platforms. If you would like more information about the work...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing
Towards minimal reporting standards for life scientists
Transparency in reporting benefits scientific communication on many levels. While specific needs and expectations vary across fields, the effective use of research findings...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing, Research Best Practices, TOP Guidelines
The Landscape of Open Data Policies
Note: This post was updated on November 7, 2018 to reflect the changes recently implemented by Wiley, described here. The original version of this post can be found on the ...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing, Research Best Practices, TOP Guidelines, Transparency & Reproducibility
Community-Driven Science: An Interview With EarthArXiv Founders Chris Jackson, Tom Narock and Bruce Caron
EarthArxiv has been a great example of an open, community-led initiative that isn't controlled by any one entity. It's been fast, and exciting, but ultimately the dispersed nature...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing, Content Management, Collaboration