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Posts tagged with 'top guidelines'

TOP Factor at 2,000 Journals: A Growing Resource for the Scientific Community
Launched in January 2020, TOP Factor has grown to include evaluations of over 2,000 journal policies. TOP Factor evaluates journal policies for their alignment with the standards...
Tags: TOP Guidelines, Transparency & Reproducibility, Open Science, TOP Factor
Measuring Research Transparency
Measuring the transparency and credibility of research is fundamental to our mission. By having measures of transparency and credibility we can learn about the current state of...
Tags: Transparency, Community, TOP Guidelines, Open Science
Improvements to TOP Factor
An enhanced TOP Factor journal interface has been released, which provides a more interactive view of journal ratings, increases transparency of the scoring process, and provides...
Tags: Transparency, TOP, TOP Guidelines, Industry
Announcing a joint effort to improve research transparency: FAIRSharing and TOP Guidelines
FAIRsharing and the Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines (TOP) are two community efforts that aim to increase the number of journal and research funder policies that...
Tags: Collaboration, TOP Guidelines, FAIRsharing
Towards minimal reporting standards for life scientists
Transparency in reporting benefits scientific communication on many levels. While specific needs and expectations vary across fields, the effective use of research findings...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing, Research Best Practices, TOP Guidelines
The Landscape of Open Data Policies
Note: This post was updated on November 7, 2018 to reflect the changes recently implemented by Wiley, described here. The original version of this post can be found on the ...
Tags: Scholarly Publishing, Research Best Practices, TOP Guidelines, Transparency & Reproducibility