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Posts tagged with 'publishing'

Now you can endorse papers on OSF Preprints with Plaudit
We just integrated Plaudit across OSF preprint servers, now allowing researchers to openly endorse papers they find valuable. Why bring personal recommendations to research?...
Tags: Plaudit, OSF Preprints, publishing, Flockademic, eLIFE, preprints
Advocating for Policy Improvements at Your Institution
Perhaps you’re in a scientific field that needs nurtured toward open and reproducible practices but you’re not sure how to approach policy and decision makers about implementing...
Tags: publishing, Transparency, TOP, Webinars, Registered Reports
Registered Reports and PhD’s – What? Why? How? An Interview with Chris Chambers
This interview was originally published in December 2018 of PsyPag Quarterly, Issue 109, and was reposted with permission from PsyPAG, which is supported by the British...
Tags: publishing, Preregistration, Registrations, RR
Some Examples of Publishing the Research That Actually Happened
A discussion about a grad student’s dilemma on The Black Goat “It’s So Complicated” podcast caught my attention last week (June 28, 2017).  The student wrote about a situation in...
Tags: Replication, publishing, Reproducibility, Research
Public Goods Infrastructure for Preprints and Innovation in Scholarly Communication
Judy Luther offered an insightful birds-eye view of the burgeoning preprints landscape at Scholarly Kitchen yesterday. As she mentioned, the Center for Open Science is...
Tags: publishing, preprints, Research, Infrastructure
Next Steps for Promoting Transparency in Science
Springer Nature just added over 2,100 of their journals as signatories to the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines, published in Science in 2015. Let that sink in....
Tags: publishing, Transparency, TOP
3 Things Societies Can Do to Promote Research Integrity
The Wiley Exchanges program does a great job promoting scientific best practices by interviewing subject matter experts on timely topics in research.  In this episode, our own...
Tags: publishing, Reproducibility, Research