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The Global Flourishing Study Promotes Open Science Practices and Releases Wave One Open Access of Research Data
The wave one dataset from the Global Flourishing Study (GFS) initiative is now available to researchers. The GFS, a partnership among researchers at Baylor University and Harvard...
Tags: Open Science, open data, Global Flourishing Study
Character Lab Partners with COS to Promote Science-based Ways to build Good Character Traits in Children
There is an abundance of scientific evidence showing that positive character traits like self-control, curiosity, and gratitude don’t just make good citizens – they make happier...
Tags: Open Science, Open Access, open data, Open Source
Data from 25+ of MDRC’s Postsecondary RCTs Available via ICPSR
The mission of the Center for Open Science is to “increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research.” We want in. In 2001, MDRC launched the first ever large scale...
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