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Posts tagged with 'reproducibility'

3 Things Societies Can Do to Promote Research Integrity
The Wiley Exchanges program does a great job promoting scientific best practices by interviewing subject matter experts on timely topics in research.  In this episode, our own...
Tags: publishing, Reproducibility, Research
What's Going on With Reproducibility?
You may have heard that the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology (RP:CB) team just released results of 5 major cancer biology studies that they attempted to reproduce. This was...
Tags: Reproducibility, Research, Openscience, RPCB
What Second Graders Can Teach Us About Open Science
Science seems hard.  Scientists use fancy words and fancy equipment and study things that few people understand.  But, how scientists are supposed to learn things is not so hard...
Tags: Transparency, Strategy, Reproducibility, Openness, Research
The Content of Open Science
Over the past three years, we’ve seen the beginning of a culture change toward more open and transparent research practices. Major funders are mandating more access to scientific...
Tags: Science, Transparency, Preregistration, Reproducibility, Open