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Alexander DeHaven

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Getting Started with OSF
So you've made an OSF account — awesome! Now you’re ready to get started, but what should you do first? Below are some quick steps you can take for getting your first OSF project...
Tags: Technology, OSF, Content Management, Collaboration
Answering Your Preregistration Questions
Preregistration helps guide researchers in distinguishing between confirmatory and exploratory results—both of which are important to scientific progress, but when conflated, may...
Tags: Preregistration, OSF
The Prereg Challenge Is Ending. What's Next?
The Preregistration Challenge was launched in 2016 as an education campaign designed to initiate a new habit among empirical researchers. Now that the Challenge is in its closing...
Tags: Preregistration
One Preregistration to Rule Them All?
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive about preregistration is “how do I preregister this complex study that will result in many different publications?” This...
Tags: Preregistration
A Preregistration Coaching Network
In early 2016, COS launched the $1,000,000 Preregistration Challenge. This Challenge is an on-going education campaign designed to encourage researchers to preregister their...
Tags: Preregistration, Openscience, Ambassador, Network
10 Tips for Making a Great Preregistration
[UPDATED] Preregistration is the first line of defense we can use to protect ourselves from biases and questionable research practices. Preregistration does require some...
Tags: Preregistration
Preregistration: A Plan, Not a Prison
Preregistration is the process of specifying key study and analysis details and decisions before conducting the experiment. The main goal of preregistering one’s research is to...
Tags: Preregistration
A How-To Guide to Improving the Clarity and Continuity of Your Preregistration
Preregistration, specifying your study design and analysis plan before you begin your study, has recently come to the forefront of scientific discussion as one solution to the...
Tags: Transparency, Preregistration, Reproducibility