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Posts tagged with 'openscience'

OSF on Track to Reach Half a Million Users by Midyear 2022
The growth in the open science research community shows no signs of slowing down. Nowhere is that more evident than in the number of users of the Open Science Framework (OSF), an...
Tags: Openscience, OSF, open science initiatives
A Preregistration Coaching Network
In early 2016, COS launched the $1,000,000 Preregistration Challenge. This Challenge is an on-going education campaign designed to encourage researchers to preregister their...
Tags: Preregistration, Openscience, Ambassador, Network
Are reproducibility and open science starting to matter in tenure and promotion review?
Tenure and promotion season is underway.  Promotion committees, in the U.S. at least, use the summer to send portfolios to 3 to 10 scholars at other institutions for independent...
Tags: Reproducibility, Openscience
How can we improve diversity and inclusion in the open science movement?
Two items this past week point to challenges for diversity and inclusion in open science.  First, a WIRED story reported evidence that gender diversity in open source software is...
Tags: Openscience
How to Manage and Share Your Open Data
Data can be like a gift, something you share for the benefit of others. To that end, the mission of the Center for Open Science is to foster sharing and facilitate research...
Tags: Open, Opendata, Openscience, Repository
What's Going on With Reproducibility?
You may have heard that the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology (RP:CB) team just released results of 5 major cancer biology studies that they attempted to reproduce. This was...
Tags: Reproducibility, Research, Openscience, RPCB