A Preregistration Coaching Network

November 2nd, 2017,

In early 2016, COS launched the $1,000,000 Preregistration Challenge. This Challenge is an on-going education campaign designed to encourage researchers to preregister their research design and analysis plans. Researchers who gets their preregistered research published in an eligible journal will be awarded $1,000**.

Preregistration is an important tool to help increase the transparency and reproducibility of published research. The preregistration process shifts the workload to the beginning of the research life cycle, requiring authors to fully flush out what they intend to do and how they intend to analyze their results. This process can seem quite daunting at first, but there are a host of helpful online resources to aid in this process.

Today, we are announcing another resource: a network of preregistration-savvy Ambassadors who want to help anyone get involved with preregistration. These Ambassadors all have good experience with preregistering their own research in a wide variety of scholarly disciplines, and they are here to share their experience and knowledge with others who wish to try it but aren’t sure how to get started.  

Connect with an Ambassador now!

The COS Ambassadors program is a group of open science enthusiasts outside of Center for Open Science who help spread our mission to improve the openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. Ambassadors all over the world represent COS in a variety of ways, such as conducting trainings on using our free research management web app, the Open Science Framework, blogging about open science activities and initiatives, and representing COS at conferences. We provide resources like slide decks, one-pagers, and shareable materials that help Ambassadors effectively promote open science at their institution.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Apply today!

**Some restrictions apply. See cos.io/prereg for details.

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