Character Lab Partners with COS to Promote Science-based Ways to build Good Character Traits in Children

April 12th, 2022,

There is an abundance of scientific evidence showing that positive character traits like self-control, curiosity, and gratitude don’t just make good citizens – they make happier and healthier people. Although character traits are malleable, surprisingly little is known about how to cultivate them intentionally.

Character Lab is a nonprofit whose mission is to advance scientific insights to help kids thrive socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. Through the Character Lab Research Network, they connect world-class scientists and schools to facilitate research at a scale that is relevant to real-world learning environments. Character Lab makes these insights accessible to those interested in developing character in young people through Playbooks and Tips of the Week.

To make their research more accessible and centralized to Network members (and to others in the field), Character Lab has partnered with the Center for Open Science (COS) to launch two new Character Lab community platforms that will help standardize open and transparent studies.

"Character Lab is an exemplar research network leveraging the OSF Infrastructure to advance transparency and rigor of their research outcomes,” said Nici Pfeiffer, COS’s Chief Product Officer.

The Character Lab Registry, built on COS’s OSF Registries infrastructure, offers custom registration templates to help create high-quality study designs and analysis plans, with embedded workflows to coordinate work among collaborators and enable transparency.

The second platform, the accompanying Character Lab Research Collection powered by OSF Collections, provides Network members with a repository for aggregating and curating affiliated study data and materials to promote research discoverability, collaboration, and reuse.

“With incredible partners and reliable infrastructure like OSF, we are able to dramatically accelerate this critical body of research,” said Character Lab Executive Director Sean Talamas. “Our registry with OSF Registries enables all scientists interested in helping kids thrive to strengthen research and produce the insights that can change the lives of children.”

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