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Improve Transparency and Rigor of Research

OSF Registries is a scholarly repository built for sharing, searching, and aggregating registrations of research.

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Using OSF Registries, researchers can create robust, timestamped registrations of research projects, or discover existing registrations on OSF and across connected registries like, Research Registry, and more.

Create and submit your own registrations, or discover the research being done around you.

Browse registrations

Establish a registry for your research community to facilitate greater rigor, transparency, and discoverability.

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A simple workflow yields valuable results

Registering your research is as simple as answering a few questions about your research plan.

The straightforward OSF Registries submission interface guides you through an easy workflow. Simply enter your responses to the questions, upload any relevant files, and then your responses, files, and metadata are archived into a timestamped, immutable registration. OSF Registries offers various registration templates, enabling researchers to register according to their discipline, study design, or stage in research.

These registration templates include preregistration, the act of registering a research plan before a study is conducted. Preregistration increases transparency and improves the quality of research through better planning and by drawing clearer distinctions between confirmed findings and unexpected discoveries. Learn more about the benefits of preregistration and its long-term yields at

A community-driven, open source service to improve research rigor and accelerate progress



Create findable resources with DOIs and rich metadata fields. OSF Registrations ensure research is shared FAIRly, and assists with open policy compliance.


Privacy control and accessibility

Make studies public immediately or set an embargo for up to 4 years. OSF Registries makes it easy to view and access your registrations at any time from one convenient landing page.


Project workspace

Manage your research after preregistering. Upload data, code, and other materials related to your work, then share your preprint when you’ve finished. Learn more about managing your workflow with and OSF Preprints.


Contributor management

Give your team access when and how they need it. Flexible permissions allow contributor participation across multiple project levels.

Community Operated Registries

You set the standards. We’ve built the infrastructure.

Community operated registries are customized to meet the standards set by the stakeholders in your community. By launching a registry, you reflect the high expectations of transparency and rigor of your research area. 

View and enable open policy compliance

Track outputs and provide an interface where your researchers can quickly adopt the rigorous workflows required by your open policies.

Gather open research outputs

Provide a community repository for exploring open data, preregistrations, and other transparent materials in your field.

Demonstrate rigor and transparency

Cultivate new norms for open sharing and collaboration among your community.

Registry Moderation

Empowering communities to improve research rigor.

Moderation set up support

Your community designs the moderation policies, we provide a pre-acceptance moderation workflow and allow you to manage your team of moderators.

Moderation dashboard

Moderators can quickly care for pending submissions in the registry moderator dashboard or follow the status of actions taken on submitted content.

Moderation workflow

An intuitive moderator interface and workflows allow your registry moderators to efficiently accept, reject, or withdraw submissions according to the criteria established in your moderation policies.

Choose the right package for your community


Community Operated Registries base price

$10,000 annual

Community Operated Registries discounted price*

$5,000 annual


Branded discovery, submission, registration overview


Submission, moderation, outcome reporting (future)

*Discount criteria: Discounted prices are applied until registry moderation, logic forms functionality, and outcome reporting are made available. Base price will resume at the time of registry renewal, and for any new registries launched after that time.


Additional services


Payment frequency




Custom template (simple)


Each time

Custom template (complex)


Each time

Template update


Each time

Training workshop (3 hour intro)


Each time

Custom domain


Per year

Integration of storage (80 developer hours)


Each time

Integration maintenance (25 developer hours)


Per year

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