Funding Consciousness Research with Registered Reports: Promoting Best Practices in Reproducible Research

October 19th, 2022,
Graphic that reads Funding Consciousness Research with Registered Reports

With funding from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Center for Open Science (COS) is leading an initiative in partnership with the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) to promote best practices in reproducible research in the field of consciousness research. Through a competitive grant process, a total of $1.125M USD is being awarded to consciousness researchers who use the Registered Reports process to publish their papers in participating journals. COS is currently accepting grant applications until December 16, 2022.

“This initiative is an opportunity not only to support some of the most rigorous research in this burgeoning field,” said David Mellor, COS’s Director of Policy “It is also a chance to introduce better ways of thinking about how research can be done.”

Calls for increased rigor in methods in consciousness research, combined with a general research culture that incentivizes novelty and innovation over credibility and reproducibility, points to the need for a method of publication that puts bias aside. Registered Reports could be that method.

Registered Reports is a publishing format that emphasizes the importance of the research question and the quality of methodology by conducting peer review prior to data collection. This format is designed to reward best practices in adhering to the hypothetico-deductive model of the scientific method. The goal of this initiative is to spur engagement with behaviors that are valued, but not yet normative, empower consciousness researchers to use open science practices, and develop a body of published research in consciousness that is rigorous and that will generate data for future discoveries.

To be eligible for this grant, the applicant must use the award to fund an empirical study in consciousness research, reside in an eligible country, and engage in open science practices. Award budgets should be in the range of $15,000 USD - $50,000 USD. After receiving confirmation of eligibility from COS, researchers funded through this initiative will submit to participating journals using the Registered Reports model. They will engage in other open science practices such as preregistration and open sharing of data, code, and materials.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to apply now. Applications are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis with a final deadline of December 16, 2022.

Learn more and apply today.


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