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OSF Add-ons Expand to Include Cloud Computing with Boa
A key priority of the OSF is to build toward research communities, making many of their open practices possible and easier. This includes integrating tools that they already use,...
Tags: OSF, Open Science, Add-ons
OSF Adds New Metadata Features to Meet Desirable Characteristics for Federally Funded Research
Last year we did a self-assessment of the OSF as part of the NIH’s Generalist Repositories Ecosystem Initiative (GREI), based on the desirable characteristics for data...
Tags: OSF, Open Science, Metadata
New OSF Metadata to Support Data Sharing Policy Compliance
One of the most important features of OSF is something you may not even be aware of, yet you use it all the time: Metadata. All OSF Projects, Registrations, and Preprints come...
Tags: OSF, Open Science, Metadata