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October 10th, 2023,
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Policies that recognize, reward, or require open science practices are an integral part of reforming research culture. These practices promise to make the entire research lifecycle more available, such as data that can be used for confirming results or discovering unexpected findings and preprints to disseminate findings more quickly. But putting these policies into place requires your input. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Open Science (OS) Policy Sprint, in collaboration with the Center for Open Science (COS) and the Wilson Center, are at the forefront of this transformative movement and are on a mission to gather actionable recommendations that align with the White House's Year of Open Science initiative.

Open science, at its core, is about increasing the credibility of research findings. Without the transparency that open science enables, access to research findings and the evidence that underlies them creates unnecessary barriers. In embracing open science, we have the opportunity to usher in an era where knowledge knows no boundaries, where research is a collective effort, and where science becomes truly accessible to everyone.

The Year of Open Science seeks to promote the principles of transparency, improve research assessment, and increase inclusivity, which are at the heart of open science. The OS Policy Sprint is actively seeking federal policy ideas that can help to meet these goals.

These new ideas could be achieved through incentivizing participatory science. Imagine a future where citizens from all walks of life actively engage in scientific and engineering projects, contributing their unique perspectives and expertise. By doing so, we not only tap into a wealth of untapped talent and knowledge but also ensure that research benefits from diverse voices and experiences.

The OS Policy Sprint welcomes all ideas relevant to open science, and they are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts, even if you're unsure if they fit perfectly into the open science framework. The deadline for submissions is October 23, 2023 to contribute your ideas and be part of this transformative movement.

If your idea is selected, you'll have the unique opportunity to collaborate with the FAS team and external experts to refine your proposals and present them to policy leaders. This is a chance to be at the forefront of shaping the future of science and engineering, making them more inclusive, participatory, and impactful.

We want to hear from you and to collectively shape a future where open science leads the way. Together, we can turn this vision into a reality and revolutionize the way we do science.

What we are looking for:

Ideas for federal open science policy that are innovative, specific, and feasible. While there is much work to be done outside of government, we are looking specifically for federal initiatives or policies, rather than those targeted towards universities or private scientific institutions. Your proposals can target one of our primary focus areas below, or can cover another topic within a broad conception of open science.

  • Enhancing the transparency, accessibility, reproducibility, and rigor of scientific research
  • Building a more inclusive and diverse scientific enterprise
  • Facilitating participation and co-creation between scientists and society
  • Encouraging non-traditional scientific contributions and career paths
  • Enabling clear, rigorous, and up-to-date communication of knowledge
  • Supporting the development and sustainability of open source innovations

How it works:

  • You submit an idea below that matches one or more of the focus areas above, or makes a short case for its relevance. Submissions should include a clear plan of action in their policy recommendations.
  • Authors with promising ideas will be invited to work with our team to develop their ideas into policy recommendations, to be published as part of an open science policy package.
  • A selection of authors will get the chance to present their proposals to open science leaders and decision makers in person at a winter 2023 / spring 2024 convening.

FAS will synthesize recommendations with contributors and collaboratively provide inputs to the policy leaders working with and within the White House, Congress, and federal agencies on promoting open science innovation and inclusion.

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