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Open Scholarship Knowledge Base

What is the Open Scholarship Knowledge Base?

A project

The Open Scholarship Knowledge Base is a collaborative initiative to curate and share knowledge about the what, why, and how of open scholarship. This includes reviewing, consolidating, organizing, and improving the discoverability of content to support the education and application of open practices for all aspects of the research lifecycle.

A community

Spearheaded by volunteers, the Open Scholarship Knowledge Base is a community of diverse individuals aligned by a shared goal to make learning and applying open research practices easier. It is being built by and for the community it aims to serve. Researchers, teachers, funders, librarians, and anyone wanting to open scholarship are welcome to edit, curate, and contribute to this community resource.

Join the community by contributing your favorite content to the OSKB hub.

A platform

Educational content (tutorials, workshop materials, videos, papers, and more) generated by the many contributors to open scholarship across disciplines and regions will be curated and maintained as openly accessible modules and trainings. For example, a user can discover content about data sharing that relates to their discipline, role, and data characteristics, and follow self-guided learning pathways on why and how to share their data.

How can I get involved?

Sign up to attend an OSKB training seminar.

  • August 25: Introduction to Open Educational Resources & Practices: Explore the what, why, and how of OER, highlighting use cases involving successful adoption and implementation of OER. 
  • September 1: Contributing High-Quality OER: Deep dive into the workflows for submitting and publishing OER, including designing and remixing.

We also share regular news about the OSKB along with ways you can contribute to the growing database of information. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our project newsletter below.