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April 28th, 2023,
Image with logos of sponsor organizations for Metascience 2023 Conference

Metascience 2023, the third iteration of the event partnership between the Center for Open Science (COS), RoRI, and AIMOS, serves as a global gathering for knowledge sharing, community building, and strategy forming around the goal of improving the ways that research on scientific research is conducted. The conference takes place next month on May 9-10 in person in Washington D.C. and online, and pre-conference symposia sessions are taking place right now.

This year’s event has drawn support from the most diverse set of sponsors in the history of the conference series. Astera Institute, a metaresearch organization dedicated to developing high leverage technologies that can lead to massive returns for humanity, generously provided funding to cover the costs of live-streaming the conference. “Astera is eager to see more people thinking scientifically about the scientific process,” said Seemay Chou of Astera. “This conference will be a good opportunity to encourage conversations between innovators who have on-the-ground experience with new models for doing science and metascience experts from data science and the social sciences.”

Scientific publishers have also indicated interest in further developing the metascience research space. Royal Society Publishing “is proud to support Metascience 2023 as it aligns with many of our core activities and objectives. Royal Society Open Science, for instance, was founded in 2014 to support the goals of the metascience and open science movements. Many speakers at the conference have published with us, and we’re glad to be able to support them through this sponsorship.”

Likewise, PLOS has deepened their partnership with COS through sponsoring Metascience 2023. We are also grateful for sponsorship by two of our foundation funders, John Templeton Foundation and Templeton World Charity Foundation. Event support from these two funding partners has done much to make Metascience 2023 possible.

Metascience approaches have lately proven crucial to efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of open research interventions. COS is proud to convene key stakeholders in this area of cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research on scientific research. We thank our Metascience 2023 sponsors for helping us to enable this community event.

There’s still time to register for Metascience 2023! Learn more about our in-person event and check out the free pre-conference virtual symposia, taking place through May 4, 2023.

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