Call for Submission for Preregistration Templates

December 4th, 2023,
Call for Submissions for Preregistration Templates with preregistration badge

The Center for Open Science (COS) is now accepting proposals for new preregistration templates for potential inclusion in the Open Science Framework (OSF). Accepted templates will join the currently supported templates, becoming available for users to select and use to complete a guided workflow when registering their studies on OSF. 

Proposed templates will be evaluated by members of the Preregistration Template Working Group using the current submission evaluation criteria. The working group meets every other month (approximately January, March, May, July, September, and November) to discuss proposed submissions. 

prereg timeline

Proposers are requested to submit the following information for review at this form.

  • Name of primary submitter(s)
  • Email of primary submitter(s)
  • Additional names of co-authors (if any)
  • Template Title
  • Abstract: Short description of the template (Recommended response 100 words or less)
  • File upload with the template
  • File upload with any associated documentation for the template (e.g., validation testing, endorsements, associated manuscript)
  • Questions (Recommended response 100 words or less)
    • What gap does the template fill, or what problem does it solve?
    • What is the main purpose or purposes of the template (Select all that apply)
      • To increase transparency about the research process
      • To constrain researcher degrees of freedom
      • To specify a priori hypotheses
      • To register the existence of a study
      • Other 
    • Describe the community review or contribution process that went into the template, if any.
    • Who is the audience for the proposed template? Please provide evidence of the current or potential rate of use, if any.

Please direct any questions about submissions to Mark Call ( or to any of the members of the working group. Additionally, readers who know of a promising template in their communities can also encourage the template to be considered by sending an email to Mark with a link to read more.   

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