2022 Impact Report: Catalyst for Change

April 26th, 2023,
Posted in: Open Science
Text: Catalyst for Change: 2022 Impact Report

Over the past decade, the Center for Open Science (COS) has been committed to reforming how scientific research is conducted, incentivized, and evaluated by elevating and enabling rigor, transparency, sharing, and reproducibility.

COS’s impact in shifting the research culture was evidenced in 2022 through several key milestones, including:

  • Making open science easier for researchers: 500K+ Open Science Framework (OSF) users
  • Expanding the adoption of open and reproducible research: 100K+ registrations on OSF
  • Transforming incentive structures: 2K+ journal policy evaluations included on TOP Factor
  • Leveraging technology to assess credibility: 7K+ research claims extracted as part of the SCORE program

COS is fortunate to have so many partners engaged in advancing reform toward open science and in evaluating the impact of those reforms. Our 2022 Impact Report highlights how these partnerships are more than the sum of their parts and are the basis for accelerating the rate of change toward greater openness, integrity, and reproducibility in research.

Momentum towards embracing open science is building. In the U.S., following the leadership of the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House, all major federal agencies are participants in declaring 2023 the “Federal Year of Open Science.” And, globally, the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science provided the first international, standard-setting instrument on open science.

Thank you for your ongoing support to improve and accelerate science and to be the catalyst for change.

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