YOUth Cohort Launches Registry for Longitudinal Study of Child Development with the Center for Open Science

Mar. 1, 2022

Charlottesville, VA, USA and Utrecht, Netherlands — The Center for Open Science (COS) and the YOUth Cohort (Youth of Utrecht) announce the launch of the YOUth Registry as a mechanism to facilitate the curation, discoverability, sharing, and reuse of FAIR data from a large dataset in the field of child behavioral development.

“ YOUth Cohort  is advancing rigor and transparency in child behavioral development research through the use of preregistration before accessing and reusing the rich dataset,” said Nici Pfeiffer, COS’s Chief Product Officer.” We are  honored to empower and support YOUth Cohort’s vision through our Open Science Framework (OSF) Registries infrastructure.”

YOUth Cohort, a large-scale, longitudinal cohort, follows more than 4,000 babies and children in the Netherlands from pregnancy into early adulthood to examine neurocognitive development with a focus on social competence and behavioral control.

YOUth Cohort has partnered with COS to launch a community-operated registry using the OSF Registries infrastructure to enable the access and reuse of its rich dataset generated by the study, which includes diverse materials such as IQ measurements, (f)MRI imaging, 3-D ultrasounds, human body samples, a broad collection of behavioral questionnaires, and much more. 

“Collaboration with COS as an internationally recognized and valued institute that has been leading the way to open science in many research areas, enables us to pursue our goals as a trailblazer for open science in developmental research” said Dr. Coosje Veldkamp, YOUth cohortmanager. “The options that the OSF branded registries offer, like moderation of registrations, the use of a tailored registration template,  and making all registrations of projects using YOUth data visible in one place fit perfectly with our ambitions.” 

Prior to obtaining use of any data and materials in the repository, YOUth requires researchers to first preregister their study design and analysis plans using one of two custom registration templates available on the registry: one for hypothesis testing and another encompassing template to accommodate a broader range of studies. By requiring preregistration as a data access workflow, YOUth ensures new research in child development is transparent and methodologically rigorous, and enables the reporting of outcomes from data reuse in additional analyses.


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About YOUth
YOUth (Youth Of Utrecht) is a large-scale, longitudinal cohort following children in their development from pregnancy until early adulthood. YOUth is a collaboration between the Utrecht University and the University Medical Hospital Utrecht

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