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Increase the visibility of your institutional research

OSF Institutions enhances transparency and increases the visibility of research outputs, accelerating discovery and reuse. Focus on generating and sharing research, and let OSF Institutions handle the infrastructure.

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OSF Institutions accelerates open scholarship


Meet funder requirements for data sharing, showcase research outputs, track research impact, improve reproducibility and rigor, and more.

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Track research activity with the Analytics Dashboard, aggregate research outputs on one page, integrate your repositories with OSF, and more.

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Improve workflow efficiency with SSO and other integrated tools, keep track of your research in one place, meet funder requirements, and more.

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Key features of OSF Institutions


Accelerate Research

Single sign-on authentication seamlessly connects your researchers with an integrated framework that accommodates custom research workflows and streamlines institutional data management. Research on OSF is automatically affiliated with your institution.


Increase Visibility

An institution’s dedication to accessible, reliable research is a source of pride. Institutional members demonstrate their researchers’ work through sharable, branded OSF pages that aggregate projects and registrations from across the institution.


Reveal the Research Lifecycle

Data management, research designs, and hypotheses are essential building blocks of scholarship, but it can be a challenge to recognize an institution's commitment to research across the lifecycle. Unique OSFI features connect all aspects of the research lifecycle to reveal insights into research investment beyond citations.


Enable Interoperability

OSF connects the many tools researchers and institutions rely on into one platform, simplifying collaboration, access, and storage. Reduce redundancy and service costs by integrating your scholarly services with OSF.

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