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Product Roadmap - We build in the open!

Themes for 2019:

  • Improve User Interface and User Experience: Make it easier for visitors and users to accomplish their goals by making the OSF more efficient, usable, and beautiful
  • Simple submission workflows: Build streamlined processes for new and existing users to share their ideas, code, and materials, analysis plans, and data in the open
  • Make collaborating easy: Create Groups functionality to manage large numbers of collaborators and control project access efficiently and effectively
  • Help others discover you and your work: Expand user profiles to surface, share, and organize your professional identity and work; extend metadata on research objects to improve discovery
  • Provide tools for communities to improve rigor and transparency: Support customized and branded registries using OSF Registries Infrastructure
  • Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable: Apply the FAIR principles for OSF content by expanding file metadata and providing a mechanism for communities to contribute domain-specific schemas.

Prioritized list of OSF page redesigns with new UI/UX:

  • Logged out landing page (
  • Files pages
  • Contributor page
  • User Public Profile page
  • My Projects and Dashboard pages
  • Comments
  • Project Overview page
  • Wiki pages
  • Search page