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OSF Institutions adds research efficiency for high impact outcomes

OSF Institutions supports researchers around the globe in making their research transparent and collaborative, in turn increasing the rigor and impact of their work.

Dashboard to reveal ROI across the lifecycle

Research is built on the work researchers do before and after publication, but this activity is difficult to track and acknowledge. Detailed data about the data and materials of contributors across the institution is available through a dashboard available exclusively to each OSFI member.


Streamline tools and services

OSF integrates with the diversity of tools that research communities rely on: storage providers, study registries, and other services researchers use into a single workflow. This increases efficiency, accessibility, usability, and reproducibility. It also reduces costs of maintaining multiple tools and services. Members can elect to integrate their repositories or other tools with OSF to further optimize workflows.


Funder policy compliance

Data management plans, data storage in approved repositories, and preregistered studies are being encouraged or required by major funders globally. OSF enables all of the practices that will ensure that your researchers are eligible for the grants that support their research and your institution.

See examples of open science funder policies.


Increase research rigor

Registrations are unique research outputs that create time stamped, read-only versions of a researcher’s OSF project. Research teams can publish a hypothesis and analysis plan before data has been collected, or keep a snapshot of work before peer review. These cannot be modified later based on the results of analyses, for complete transparency.

Learn more about registrations.


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