Open Science Badges enhance openness, a core value of scientific practice.




What are Open Science Badges?

  • Badges to acknowledge open science practices are incentives for researchers to share data, materials, or to preregister
  • Badges signal to the reader that the content has been made available and certify its accessibility in a persistent location.
  • Currently, over 100 journals offer Open Science Badges to signal and reward when underlying data, materials, or preregistrations are available, see below. 

Badges seem silly. Do they work?

  • Yes. Implementing badges is associated with increasing rate of data sharing (Kidwell et al, 2016), as seeing colleagues practice open science signals that new community norms have arrived.
  • For this to occur, badges must be visible on the table of contents and authors must be consistently asked to participate. See the current issue of Psychological Science for an example of how these new norms look in practice.

Alright, I'm on board. What are the next steps?

Journals That Issue Open Science Badges* 

Addiction Research & Theory | Taylor & Francis

Advances in Archaeological Practice | Cambridge University Press

Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science | SAGE

AIS Transactions on Replication Research | Elsevier

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry | APA

American Journal of Political Science | Wiley

American Journal of Primatology | Wiley

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP) | Wiley

Annual Review of Applied Linguistics | Cambridge University Press

Archive for the Psychology of Religion | SAGE

Asian American Journal of Psychology | APA

Big Earth Data | Taylor & Francis

BMC Microbiology (uses modified badge criteria) | BMC

BMJ Open Science | BMJ

Brain and Neuroscience Advances | SAGE

Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (CJEP) | APA

Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals  | SAGE

Clinical Psychological Science | APS

Cognitive Science | Wiley

Communication Studies | Taylor & Francis

Communication Research Reports | Taylor & Francis

Cortex | Elsevier

Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology | APA

Decision | APA

Ear and Hearing | Wolters Kluwer

Emerging Adulthood | SAGE

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry  | Wiley

European Journal of Personality | Wiley

Evolution and Human Behavior | Elsevier

Exceptional Children | SAGE

Geoscience Data Journal | Wiley

Gifted Child Quarterly | SAGE

International Gambling Studies | Taylor & Francis

International Journal for the Psychology of Religion |  Taylor & Francis

International Journal of Primatology | Springer Nature

Internet Archaeology | University of York

Japanese Journal of Social Psychology | J-Stage

Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA)

Journal of Cognition and Development | Taylor & Francis

Journal of Comparative Psychology | APA

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition | APA

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology | Elsevier

Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research | Nicholson School of Communication and Media

Journal of Maps | Taylor & Francis

Journal of Neuroendocrinology | Wiley

Journal of Neurochemistry | Wiley

Journal of Neuroscience Research (JNR) | Wiley

Journal of Personality Assessment | Taylor & Francis

Journal of Positive Psychology | Taylor & Francis

Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing | Wiley

Journal of Social Psychology | Taylor & Francis

Journal of Research in Personality | Elsevier

Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness | Taylor & Francis

Journal of Threat Assessment and Management | APA

Language Awareness | Taylor & Francis

Language Learning | Wiley

Language Testing | SAGE

Law and Human Behavior | APA

Management and Organization Review | Cambridge University Press

Media Psychology | Taylor & Francis

Meta-Psychology | Linnaeus University Press

Neuropsychology | APA

Neuroscience of Consciousness | Oxford University Press

Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements | Taylor & Francis

Political Communication | Taylor & Francis

Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research | Psi Chi

Psychological Science | SAGE

Psychological Methods | APA

Psychology of Addictive Behaviors | APA

Psychology of Men & Masculinity | APA

Psychology of Popular Media Culture | APA

Public Administration Review | ASPA

Quantitative Finance | Taylor & Francis

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology | SAGE

Sexual Abuse | SAGE

Social Psychology | Hogrefe

Strategic Management Journal | Wiley

Studies in Second Language Acquisition | Cambridge University Press

Teaching of Psychology | SAGE

The Modern Language Journal | Wiley

The Photogrammetric Record | Wiley

*For a complete list, see