A Decade of Impact | 2023 Impact Report

The Big Picture: Perspectives from Change Agents

The public value of science … has the potential to plant the seeds for the next life-saving vaccine, to help people all over the world who depend on science for the next policy intervention or the next medical intervention that can improve quality of life for people and save lives.
Skip LupiaSkip Lupia
Gerald R. Ford Distinguished University Professor, Associate Vice President for Research, Large-Scale Strategies, and Executive Director of Bold Challenges
University of Michigan

Open science embodies a commitment to making scientific knowledge freely available by encouraging collaboration and fostering an environment conducive to innovation. Translating open science ideals into practice necessitates collaboration and commitment from the entire research community. Through collective efforts, the open science movement is working to change research practices and transform the relationship between science and society for the better.

The Shift To Open Science and Inclusivity

A shift in the research world is underway. However, there is still a long way to go in making science genuinely open and inclusive for everyone, particularly for those outside traditional academic circles.

Central to the principles of open science is the recognition that scientific progress can create tangible benefits for society by driving technological breakthroughs, developing life-saving treatments, and informing policy interventions crucial for global welfare. Making that a reality hinges on openness, trustworthiness, and broad accessibility.

Inclusivity stands as a cornerstone of open science. The scientific community is currently putting efforts into dismantling barriers to participation and ensuring that researchers from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and geographic locations feel empowered and welcome. By creating fair competition, we allow contributions from a wider range of perspectives and experiences.

The Role of Research Institutions

Government support and policy initiatives can help advance the cause of open science. Initiatives to promote open access to publicly funded research, encourage data sharing, and align research practices with the public good serve as catalysts for change. These efforts not only enhance the dissemination of knowledge but also underscore the responsibility of research institutions to serve the broader public interest.

The Journey to Open Science

The journey toward a more open and inclusive scientific ecosystem requires sustained commitment and collaborative efforts. By championing open science principles, COS hopes to help the research community address global challenges and promote a more equitable and impactful research landscape. As the open science movement gains momentum, it promises to reshape how we conduct research and redefine the relationship between science and society.