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ExxonMobil Biomedical Science Launches OSF Collection to Promote Open Practices

The OSF Collection provides us with a simple-to-use public repository for our research projects. Our scientists have created projects on the OSF since 2019. Creating a branded Collection allows us to maintain a single-entry point to these projects.
Robert A. Barter
Chief Scientist of Health and Environmental Sciences, EMBSI

In 2022, ExxonMobil Biomedical Science (EMBSI) affirmed its commitment to scientific integrity and rigor by launching an OSF Collection to promote open practices and share research findings.

EMBSI is a corporate research group with a mission to understand, research, and develop health, environmental, and product safety options and solutions for their company and the communities they serve. Since 2000, EMBSI has actively engaged in peer-reviewed scientific research, publishing over 460 journal articles. However, not all valuable information can be included in peer-reviewed journals. The OSF Collections infrastructure enables EMBSI to publicly share all outputs from the research process to make it easier to assess, extend, and critique their findings.

With OSF Collections, funders, journals, and research groups like EMBSI can create and manage collections of papers, data, code, protocols, and any other digital research materials.

“Open science practices promote transparency, which is critical for Industry-led science to be credible,” said Barter. “With transparency comes the ability to receive technical input from the scientific community. This input serves to strengthen our science and to identify potential opportunities to constructively engage in scientific dialogue.”

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