Philanthropic Action is Driving Transformation

Templeton World Charity Foundation is committed to promoting open research in multiple domains through building infrastructure, developing a community of inquiry, realigning incentives, and changing policy. The foundation’s relationship with COS has allowed COS to build the necessary infrastructure and has provided resources that benefit numerous foundation grantees and other researchers.
Kristin Eldon WhyllyKristin Eldon Whylly
Senior Program Manager & Change Management Lead, Templeton World Charity Foundation

The Center for Open Science (COS) has made strides in fulfilling its mission of promoting open practices and driving cultural transformation, thanks to the consistent support of our generous funders.

Through their support of COS, the John Templeton Foundation, Templeton Religion Trust, and Templeton World Charity Foundation facilitate greater academic rigor, reinforce the significance of intellectual humility among scholars, and accelerate the accumulation of knowledge across all fields of research.

Thanks to the continuous investment from these foundations, COS has been able to propel the development of infrastructure and community-building initiatives that foster transformative change in research practices towards openness.