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Virtual Unconference on Open Scholarship Practices in Education Research

February 8-9, 2021

Please register and mark your calendars to join the Center for Open Science for the first annual unconference addressing open scholarship for education research.

The 2021 unconference will feature participant-led sessions analyzing the current state of open scholarship practice and interactive hackathons seeking solutions to identified problems. Participants will assess barriers to adoption of open scholarship practices unique to the education community and brainstorm strategies for promoting greater awareness.

Registration for the unconference is free and no previous experience with unconferences or hackathons is required to participate. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this field-leading conversation to address unique barriers to adoption for education research.

The unconference will include engaging plenary sessions to orient attendees to open scholarship and introduce tools and best practices for open research in education. Deep dives into key principles of open scholarship will provide detailed guidance for education researchers.

Additionally participants will be invited to lead or attend: 

  • Unconference Sessions A group discussion designed to reach consensus on a topic or generate a plan of action.

  • Hackathons Participants work together on a defined task for one to three hours. Letter writing campaigns, creating syllabi, designing a study or proposal.

  • Workshops Teach a hands on lesson and leave with something you can use.

  • Lightning Talks Present on a topic in five minutes or less. 

Submit an advanced proposal for an Unconference Session, Hackathon, Workshop or Lightning Talk. The deadline for advanced submission is Friday, December 18th:

View the unconference schedule here and check back for continual updates (all times listed reflect the Eastern Time Zone of the United States): 


Questions? Please contact Marcy Reedy at

Advisory Committee:

Katie Corker, Grand Valley State University
Colleen Ganley, Florida State University
Matthew Makel, Duke University
Betsy Mccoach, University of Connecticut
Erin Miller, Bridgewater College
Amanda Kay Montoya, University of California, Los Angeles
Scott Peters, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
Karen Rambo-Hernandez: Texas A&M University