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Open source software runs parallel to open science practices. That's why we're committed to partnering with open science developers like you to provide intuitive solutions that support open practices in every stage of the research cycle.

Our Open Source Infrastructure

OSF, the flagship COS platform, is a web application that supports research workflow. OSF supports: archiving and preservation of research materials and data, version control for scientific materials, registering projects (tagging a version at a particularly important point in the workflow), forking scientific materials and other incentives for sharing and open practice, and the integration or linking of services through APIs.

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How developers have partnered with OSF to support open science

  • osfclient -  a python library and a command-line client for uploading and downloading files to and from your OSF projects.

  • osf-packager - supplies a command line interface (CLI) for retrieving a registration from an OSF instance and writing it locally into a package which conforms to the Data Conservancy packaging specification.

  • opensesame-extension-osf - extension connects the OpenSesame Experiment builder ( | to the OSF

  • osfr - provides a suite of functions for interacting with OSF ( that are primarily focused on project management workflows

  • PsychoPy - connects directly with the Open Science Framework website ( allowing you to search for existing projects and upload your own experiments and data.

  • OSF Preprint Data - Use the OSF's API ( to gather a list of papers for a preprint provider

  • Preprint API - This code creates two log files, downloads available preprints, and creates a text file for each preprint containing the preprint abstract. One log file contains metadata on available preprints, such as authors, keywords, title, publication date, etc. The other log file contains metadata on peer-reviewed papers associated with preprints.

  • preRNG - a tool for proving that pre-registration preceded data acquisition. Matlab, Python and R implementations available.

  • JASP - a graphical, expansive and friendly statistics program with integrated OSF support.

  • PresQT: an open-source tool suite with RESTful services to improve preservation and re-use of research data and software featuring connectivity between OSF, Github, Fedora repos, GitLab, and Zenodo as well as features for sending resources to  Emulation-as-a-Service software(EaaSI), or for importing  an OSF project into WholeTale using the PresQT APIs.

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How you can partner to improve open science


1.Contribute to an Open Source Project
Developers can contribute to maturing projects like OSF, or to new projects. We currently integrate with the Ember and Python communities and invite you to join us there. Interested in contributing? Email us at

We can't promise we'll be able to review every contribution, but we do our best to evaluate the projects that align best with our users' needs.

2. Work with Our API
We have an open API that can be used to extend OSF capabilities into other custom software development projects.
Access the API documentation

3. Join Our Team
We love open source, science, databases, web/API development, content management systems, Python/Django, and TypeScript/Ember. Sound like you? We encourage you to view our latest job openings here, or send your questions to

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