Take Steps Towards Transparency in Your Research.

COS offers researchers tools and services to make your research better, more efficient, and more reproducible.


OSF is a free and open source project management tool that supports researchers throughout their entire project lifecycle.

From planning your study design and analysis plan, to conducting the research with data collection and analysis, to reporting your results and sharing outputs, to discovering and reusing - the OSF streamlines the workflow and adds efficiency.


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Share your research plan

Specifying the research plan before starting your study (ie. preregistration) increases the quality and transparency of your study. This helps you clearly report your study and helps others who may wish to build on it. 


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Implement rigorous and transparent practices

COS offers training workshops and consulting services to teach and improve reproducible practices. Increasing rigor often requires that researchers and labs implement new practices, learn new tools, and master new techniques.

Our workshops teach a robust, pragmatic curriculum,  that we continuously iterate to bring you current concepts, examples and workflows.


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