Studying the scientific process and testing whether interventions improve it.


How do scientists generate ideas? What is replication, its impact, its value? How do scientists interpret and treat evidence? Browse these topics and more from the Metascience 2023 Conference.





See registrations, preprints, materials, and more from metaresearchers around the world.


Metascience Registry

The Metascience registry aggregates the open and rigorous research taking place within the field of metascience. Submit your own registration or discover existing studies.

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MetaArXiv Preprints

View an interdisciplinary archive of articles focused on improving research transparency and reproducibility. Submit your own preprint to accelerate discovery of research outcomes.

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Metascience Research Collection

View metascience projects, data, materials, protocols, code, and more from across OSF. Or submit your own research to the collection to improve discoverability and reuse.

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Browse metaresearch best practices by visiting the Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT) to access lesson plans, lecture notes, textbooks, readings, and data sets.

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For Funders

How can funders advance open scholarship, replication, changing incentives, and grow the field of metascience? View conversations from the 2020 Metascience Funders Forum.

COS Metascience and Research

COS conducts research on research practices to understand areas of inefficiency, and to evaluate interventions to improve. See more of our studies here.

Replication Project: Cancer Biology

RP:CB is a collaboration between COS and Science Exchange to conduct direct replications of 50 high-impact cancer biology studies. Learn more.

SCORE: Systematizing Confidence in Open Research and Evidence

A project in partnership with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to advance understanding about how to assess and predict replicability of social-behavioral science findings.
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Evaluating Registered Reports

A study investigating whether Registered Reports produced greater rigor and quality compared to the traditional publishing model.
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