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Research Institutions are driving forces of Open and Reproducible Scientific Progress.

COS offers tools and services to research institutions, labs, and communities to make research more efficient, discoverable, and reproducible.

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OSF is secure, open source project management and collaboration infrastructure that supports researchers' scholarship workflow from study planning and data collections, through long term preservation and sharing. OSF Institutions streamlines the research lifecycle by making it easy to affiliate research with your institution and discover more work on your campus and beyond.

Single-sign on (SSO) authentication between OSF and your institution makes is it easy to long in and affiliate projects. A branded, dedicated landing page for your institution acts as a central hub for all ongoing and completed research. 

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Streamline tools and services

OSF integrates with the diversity of tools that research institutions rely on: storage providers, study registries, and other services researchers use into a single workflow. This increases efficiency, accessibility, usability, and reproducibility.

It also reduces costs of maintaining multiple tools and services. OSF Institutions members can also elect to integrate their repositories or other tools with OSF to further optimize workflows.

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Implement rigorous and transparent practices

COS offers training workshops and consulting services to teach and improve reproducible practices. Increasing rigor often requires that researchers and labs implement new practices, learn new tools, and master new techniques.

Our workshops teach a robust, pragmatic curriculum,  that we continuously iterate to bring you current concepts, examples and workflows.

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