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Research Institutions are the Home of Open and Reproducible Scientific Progress.

COS offers tools and services to communities of researchers and their affiliated institutions to make research more efficient, discoverable, and reproducible.

1. Set up OSF Institutions

OSF is a secure web app that supports scientists’ research workflow from study planning and data collection, through long term preservation and sharing. OSF Institutions expands on these features by making it easy to affiliate your research with your institution and discover other affiliated research.

2. Affiliate ongoing research at your institution

Single-sign on (SSO) authentication between OSF and your institution makes it easy to log in and affiliate projects. A branded, dedicated landing page for your institution acts as a central hub for all ongoing and completed research.


3. Promote OSF

Use internal communications to invite current and new OSF users to your branded, OSF landing page. Work with us to set up email blasts, webinars, and trainings promoting open and reproducible tools, methodologies, and workflows.


4. Train your research community

Work with us to establish best practices on data management and how to integrate OSF efficiently into your current workflow. We provide statistical and methodology consulting on topics related to reproducible research and good statistical practices.


5. See the impact of research

View project analytics on individual projects to measure impact beyond publication and citations. OSF provides data on downloads, page views, and referring sites.


6. Share the outputs of conferences and meetings

Your researchers work hard on conference presentations and posters. OSF Meetings enables easy sharing of slides or posters before or after a conference. Encourage your conference organizers to have it set up, or request it yourself.