COS Collaborates with Case Medical Research to Support Free Video Publishing for Clinicians and Researchers

August 7th, 2019,

Video as research material is growing in appeal within the life sciences community as more researchers and clinicians seek ways to make their findings open and accessible.

Imagine searching repositories for materials in your discipline and finding instructive videos alongside preprints, case reports, and more. These videos might range from Go-Pro footage of a live surgical procedure to a researcher who has adapted a presentation into a narrated audiovisual. Video concepts in research are an innovative way to diversify materials, provide interactive examples, and make findings more broadly accessible and in a timely manner.

Now imagine if you had the opportunity to convert your research into a professionally post-produced video at no cost to you. Allow us to introduce you to Case Medical Research video publishing services

Case Medical Research supports the open access of scientific materials through the Case app, a free software that allows researchers and clinicians to discover the latest research and best practices in their fields through a customizable feed. Searches are conducted across medical journals and other databases (US Food & Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, and and are filterable by diseases, drugs, genes, pathways, proteins, and more.

As a part of Case’s commitment to open access, the organization also offers free post-production video publishing services for clinicians and researchers, which include translations, audio equalization, closed captioning, editing, title/conclusion graphs, and other enhancements. You can view examples of Case-produced videos here.

In return for the use of its services, Case only requests permission to make submitted videos publicly available for researchers and medical professionals through the Case app.

If you are looking to diversify your research materials and make your work more accessible to others in your field, consider taking advantage of Case video publishing services. Here’s how you can get started converting your research to video and making it discoverable through the Case app: 

  1. Review Case video services FAQs and video guidelines.

  2. Submit your qualifying video to

  3. Your finalized video will be returned to you in 3-5 days with a fully referenceable citation including DOI links.

  4. Researchers, residents, and other medical professionals worldwide can now discover your materials through the Case app.

COS is happy to collaborate with Case Medical Research to support life sciences researchers and clinicians in their efforts to discover and contribute to accessible and open research.

Visit Case Medical Research to see examples of existing video productions and explore how Case video services can benefit your work and the collective efforts of those in your field.

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