Nikki Bialy Joins COS as Chief Operating Officer

Mar. 9, 2020

Charlottesville, VA — The Center for Open Science announces today the appointment of Dr. Nikki Bialy as its new Chief Operating Officer. Bialy leverages her background in research, institutional finance and operations, and technology to aid COS’s continuing development into transparent research management solutions for the greater scientific community.

Previously, Dr. Bialy steered operations for the Allen Institute for Cell Science from 2014 to 2018, first as Associate Director, then as Deputy Director and Director of Operations. Her skillfulness in complex budget administration and personnel management was central to the development of the institute from inception to maturation. As Associate Director, she governed day-to-day institutional operations and supervised the success of both business and scientific teams. In 2016, she became Allen Institute’s Deputy Director and Director of Operations, leading efforts in obtaining rights to the commercial sale of cell line collections, and eventually working to establish comprehensive licensing to enable such commercial sales. 

In 2000, Bialy served as Instructor of Research at the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. From 2001-2014, she concurrently held the position of Associate Director of the Cell Migration Consortium (CMC), a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research project involving the administration of over 30 principal investigators from 20 global institutions. Her oversight included all fiscal matters related to institutional subcontracting and budget allocations, as well as the management of sponsorship documentation, renewal, and reporting. 

In 2010, Bialy took on additional roles in the UVA Office of the Vice President for Research, assisting with the coordination of research activities in the biosciences, developing interdisciplinary and cross-campus collaborations that integrated faculty and university leadership.

Bialy obtained her PhD in Pharmacology from King’s College London and completed postdoctoral research positions in the US and Germany.

“I am very excited to be joining the Center for Open Science, which has already accomplished so much toward its important mission, to increase the openness, integrity and reproducibility of research,” said Bialy. “I look forward to the opportunity to help the team continue in this great work through operational excellence at all levels.”

“Nikki’s experience in research, institutional administration, and operational leadership of a non-profit with a blend of technical and scientific activities made her an outstanding fit our organization and mission,” said Executive Director Brian Nosek. “We are delighted about the opportunity to benefit from her experience and skills to broaden our impact across scholarly communities.”

The COS team also expresses its gratitude to former COO Lucy Ofiesh for her exemplary service from 2017 to 2019.

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