The latest winners of the Prereg Prize

Jul. 13, 2018

We are happy to announce the most recent prize winners as part of our ongoing education campaign, the Preregistration Challenge

Are you ready to improve your next study? Preregister it on OSF. Studies must be published by December 31, 2018 to be eligible for a prize, but the registry will continue to function in 2019 and beyond!

Recent Winners


"Dimming the “Halo” Around Monogamy: Re-assessing Stigma Surrounding Consensually Non-monogamous Romantic Relationships as a Function of Personal Relationship Orientation" in Frontiers in Psychology. Rhonda N. Balzarini, Erin J. Shumlich, Taylor Kohut, Lorne Campbell. Preregistered here:

"Direct Replications of Ottati et Al. (2015): The Earned Dogmatism Effect Occurs Only with Some Manipulations of Expertise" in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Robert J. Calin-Jageman. Preregistered here:

"How Robust Is Familiar Face Recognition? A Repeat Detection Study of More than 1000 Faces" in Royal Society Open Science. Angus F. Chapman, Hannah Hawkins-Elder, Tirta Susilo. Preregistered here:

"Validating a Standardized Approach to the Taylor Aggression Paradigm" in Social Psychological and Personality Science. David S. Chester, Emily N. Lasko. Preregistered here: Study 1: Study 2:

"Comparing the Use of Open and Closed Questions for Web-Based Measures of the Continued-Influence Effect" in Behavior Research Methods. Saoirse Connor Desai, Stian Reimers. Preregistered here: and

"The Value of Money: On How Childhood Economic Resources Influence Value Assessments Later in Life" in Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology. Gró Einarsdóttir, André Hansla, Lars-Olof Johansson. Preregistered here:

"Visual Awareness Negativity Is an Early Neural Correlate of Awareness: A Preregistered Study with Two Gabor Sizes" in Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience. Rasmus Eklund, Stefan Wiens. Preregistered here:

"Testing Hypotheses on Risk Factors for Scientific Misconduct via Matched-Control Analysis of Papers Containing Problematic Image Duplications" in Science and Engineering Ethics. Daniele Fanelli, Rodrigo Costas, Ferric C. Fang, Arturo Casadevall, Elisabeth M. Bik. Preregistered here:

"The Role of Experimenter Belief in Social Priming" in Psychological Science. Thandiwe S. E. Gilder, Erin A. Heerey. Preregistered here:

"Of Two Minds or One? A Registered Replication of Rydell et Al. (2006)" in Cognition and Emotion. Tobias Heycke, Sarah Gehrmann, Julia M. Haaf, Christoph Stahl. Preregistered here:

"Moral Framing and Charitable Donation: Integrating Exploratory Social Media Analyses and Confirmatory Experimentation" in Collabra: Psychology. Joe Hoover, Kate Johnson, Reihane Boghrati, Jesse Graham, Morteza Dehghani. Preregistered here:

"Concern for Others Leads to Vicarious Optimism" in Psychological Science. Andreas Kappes, Nadira S. Faber, Guy Kahane, Julian Savulescu, Molly J. Crockett. Preregistered here:

"Is Implicit Theory of Mind a Real and Robust Phenomenon? Results From a Systematic Replication Study" in Psychological Science. Louisa Kulke, Britta von Duhn, Dana Schneider, Hannes Rakoczy. Preregistered here: Study 1: Study 3a: Study 3b:

"Online Incidental Statistical Learning of Audiovisual Word Sequences in Adults: A Registered Report" in Royal Society Open Science. Sengottuvel Kuppuraj, Mihaela Duta, Paul Thompson, Dorothy Bishop. Preregistered here:

"The Pro-Environmental Behavior Task: A Laboratory Measure of Actual pro-Environmental Behavior" in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Florian Lange, Alexander Steinke, Siegfried Dewitte. Preregistered here: Study 1: Study 2:

"Targeting the Government in the Referendum: The Aborted 2016 Italian Constitutional Reform" in the Italian Political Science Review. Danilo Di Mauro, Vincenzo Memoli. Preregistered here:

"Learning from the Other Side: How Social Networks Influence Turnout in a Referendum Campaign" in the Italian Political Science Review. Davide Morisi, Carolina Plescia.

"Adaptive Control and the Avoidance of Cognitive Control Demands across Development" in Neuropsychologia. Jesse C. Niebaum, Nicolas Chevalier, Ryan M. Guild, Yuko Munakata. Preregistered here:

"On the Automaticity of Familiarity in Short-Term Recognition: A Test of the Dual-Process Assumption with the PRP Paradigm" in the Journal of Cognition. Klaus Oberauer. Preregistered here:

"Low Foreign Language Proficiency Reduces Optimism about the Personal Future" in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Yulia Oganian, Hauke R. Heekeren, Christoph W. Korn. Preregistered here:

"Nest Size Is Predicted by Female Identity and the Local Environment in the Blue Tit ( Cyanistes Caeruleus ), but Is Not Related to the Nest Size of the Genetic or Foster Mother" in Royal Society Open Science. Louis G. O’Neill, Timothy H. Parker, Simon C. Griffith. Preregistered here:

"The Influence of Professional Development in Gifted Education on the Frequency of Instructional Practices" in The Australian Educational Researcher. Scott J. Peters, Jennifer L. Jolly. Preregistered here:

"The Testing Effect and Analogical Problem-Solving" in Memory. Daniel J. Peterson, Kathryn T. Wissman. Preregistered here: Experiment 1: Experiment 2: Experiment 3:

"Non-Predictive Online Spatial Coding in the Posterior Parietal Cortex When Aiming Ahead for Catching" in Scientific Reports. Sinéad A. Reid, Joost C. Dessing. Preregistered here:

"Successfully Striving for Happiness: Socially Engaged Pursuits Predict Increases in Life Satisfaction" in Psychological Science. Julia M. Rohrer, David Richter, Martin Brümmer, Gert G. Wagner, Stefan C. Schmukle. Preregistered here:

"Recognizing Emily and Latisha: Inconsistent Effects of Name Stereotypicality on the Other-Race Effect" in Frontiers in Psychology. Marleen Stelter, Juliane Degner. Preregistered here:

"Using More Different and More Familiar Targets Improves the Detection of Concealed Information" in Acta Psychologica. Kristina Suchotzki, Jan De Houwer, Bennett Kleinberg, and Bruno Verschuere. Preregistered here:

"The Primacy Effect in Impression Formation: Some Replications and Extensions" in Social Psychological and Personality Science. Jessica Sullivan. Preregistered here: Experiment 3: Experiment 4:

"Backlash against Gender Stereotype-Violating Preschool Children" in PLOS ONE. Jessica Sullivan, Corinne Moss-Racusin, Michael Lopez, Katherine Williams. Preregistered here:

"Recounting a Common Experience: On the Effectiveness of Instructing Eyewitness Pairs" in Frontiers in Psychology. Annelies Vredeveldt, Peter J. van Koppen. Preregistered here:

"Emotion Regulation Compensation Following Situation Selection Failure" in Scientific Reports. Lara Vujović, Heather L. Urry. Preregistered here:

"Does Power Reduce Temporal Discounting? Commentary on Joshi and Fast (2013)" in Psychological Science. Min Zhang, Pamela K. Smith. Preregistered here: 

Past Winners from 2018 and 2017. See this Zotero collection for a complete listing. 

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