Announcing the Latest Prereg Prize Winners

Jan. 3, 2018

We are happy to announce the most recent prize winners as part of our ongoing education campaign, the Preregistration Challenge

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Recent winners:

"Social Distance Increases Perceived Physical Distance" in Social Psychological and Personality Science. Andrea Stevenson Won, Ketaki Shriram, Diana I. Tamir. Preregistered here:

"Show Me the Money: A Systematic Exploration of Manipulations, Moderators, and Mechanisms of Priming Effects" in Psychological Science. Eugene M. Caruso, Oren Shapira, Justin F. Landy. Preregistered here:

"A dissociation between engagement and learning: Enthusiastic instructions fail to reliably improve performance on a memory task" in PLOS One. Benjamin A. Motz , Joshua R. de Leeuw, Paulo F. Carvalho, Kaley L. Liang, Robert L. Goldstone. Preregistered here:

"A preregistered, direct replication attempt of the retrieval-extinction effect in cued fear conditioning in rats" in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. Laura Luyten and Tom Beckers. Preregistered here:

"The effect of recall, reproduction, and restudy on word learning: a pre-registered study" in BMC Psychology. Saloni Krishnan, Kate E. Watkins and Dorothy V.M. Bishop. Preregistered here:

"The citation effect: In-text citations moderately increase belief in trivia claims" in Acta Psychologica. Adam L. Putnam and Riley J. Phelps. Preregistered here:

"Quantifying immediate and delayed effects of anthelmintic exposure on ecosystem functioning supported by a common dung beetle species" in PLOS One. Paul Manning , Sarah A. Beynon, Owen T. Lewis. Preregistered here:

"Configural processing and social judgments: Face inversion particularly disrupts inferences of human-relevant traits" in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. John Paul Wilson, Steven G. Young, Nicholas O. Rule, Kurt Hugenberg. Preregistered here:

"The cognate facilitation effect in bilingual lexical decision is influenced by stimulus list composition" in Acta Psychologica. Eva D. Poort, Jennifer M. Rodd. Preregistered here:


"Reducing sugar use in coffee while maintaining enjoyment: A randomized controlled trial" in Journal of Health Psychology. Richie L. Lenne, Traci Mann. Preregistered here:

"Pre-service teachers’ perceived value of general pedagogical knowledge for practice: Relations with epistemic beliefs and source beliefs" in PLOS One. Samuel Merk , Tom Rosman, Julia Rueß, Marcus Syring, Jürgen Schneider. Preregistered here:

"Subliminal influence on preferences? A test of evaluative conditioning for brief visual conditioned stimuli using auditory unconditioned stimuli" in Royal Society Open Science. Tobias Heycke, Frederik Aust, Christoph Stahl. Preregistered here:

"MRIQC: Advancing the automatic prediction of image quality in MRI from unseen sites" in PLOS One. Oscar Esteban , Daniel Birman, Marie Schaer, Oluwasanmi O. Koyejo, Russell A. Poldrack, Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski. Preregistered here:

"Maternal Testosterone and Offspring Sex-Ratio in Birds and Mammals: A Meta-Analysis" in Evolutionary Biology. Thomas Merkling, Shinichi Nakagawa, Malgorzata Lagisz, and Lisa E. Schwanz. Preregistered here:

"A hard-to-read font reduces the framing effect in a large sample" in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. Christoph W. Korn, Juliane Ries, Lennart Schalk, Yulia Oganian, and Henrik Saalbach. Preregistered here:

"Cousins or conjoined twins: how different are meaning and happiness in everyday life?" in Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology. Ryan Dwyer, Elizabeth Dunn, & Hal Hershfield. Preregistered here:

"The effect of question structure on self-reported drinking: Ascending versus descending order effects" in Journal of Research in Personality. Sean P. Mackinnon, and Samantha Firth. Preregistered here:

"The role of vigilance in the relationship between neuroticism and health: A registered report" in Journal of Research in Personality. Sara J. Weston and Joshua J. Jackson. Preregistered here:

"Construing action abstractly and experiencing autonomy: Implications for physical activity and diet" in Motivation and Emotion. Allison M. Sweeney and Antonio L. Freitas. Preregistered here:

"Unintended effects of measuring implicit processes: The case of death-thought accessibility in mortality salience studies" in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Joseph Hayes and Jeff Schimel. Preregistered here:

"When and how does labour lead to love? The ontogeny and mechanisms of the IKEA effect" in Cognition. Lauren E. Marsh, Patricia Kanngiesser, Bruce Hood. Preregistered here:

"Infectious Disease and Imperfections of Self-Image" in Psychological Science. Joshua M. Ackerman, Joshua M. Tybur, Chad R. Mortensen. Preregistered here: and here:

"Cognitive bias modification for facial interpretation: a randomized controlled trial of transfer to self-report and cognitive measures in a healthy sample" in Royal Society Open Science. S. E. Peters, J. Lumsden, O. H. Peh, I. S. Penton-Voak, M. R. Munafò, O. J. Robinson. Preregistered here:

"Language complexity, belief-consistency, and the evaluation of policies" in Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology. Matthew H. Goldberg & Cheryl L. Carmichael. Preregistered here:

"Visual Motion Prediction and Verbal False Memory Performance in Autistic Children" in Autism Research. Furtuna G. Tewolde, Dorothy V. M. Bishop, Catherine Manning. Preregistered here:


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