Invest in Open Infrastructure: Promoting available, sustainable open solutions

May. 27, 2019

In collaboration with several open science partners, the Center for Open Science is happy to announce the formation of Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI), a global initiative to increase the availability and sustainability of open knowledge infrastructure.

COS is committed to providing scholarship, education, and research teams with open source management and collaboration tools, which is why we are proud to support this exciting movement dedicated to identifying and fostering the progress of accessible, community-oriented infrastructure.

IOI will operate through a two-fold framework organized to both assess and nurture the existing landscape of open scholarly infrastructure as well as organize financial resources—through the partnership of institutions, agencies, and foundations—to support the development of emerging and existing infrastructure.

The launch of IOI is a significant step toward building a global open infrastructure that will alleviate dependency on proprietary systems and build a more robust ecosystem for communities in critical need of organizational empowerment.

We applaud the ground-breaking efforts of IOI, and look forward to seeing greater adoption of sustainable open infrastructure systems as they are strengthened through the leadership of this initiative.

Want to learn more about the IOI launch? Read Invest in Open Infrastructure’s full announcement and hear the response from leading open science advocates.

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